Sid Jacobs - Reviews

"It's a terrific tool for all levels of players... Jacobs' book is a private lesson not to be missed." - Dave Zaworsky, Downbeat

"...translating the work of Bill Evans and Thelonious Monk into the language of the guitar is not easy but Jacobs did it with an easy fluency." - Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

"...highly articulate improviser... Never at a loss for a new phrase his improvisations seemed to unfold like a set of Bach variations." - Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

"...a straight-ahead artist who revealed influences from Jim Hall and Wes Montgomery to Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. Dazzlingly fast runs led to passages where Jacobs tempered his considerable technique. His improvisations were filled with tuneful, mellifluous ideas." - Zan Stewart, Los Angeles Times

"...beautiful and sensitive playing..." - Tony Mattola

"...a great player and great educator... Sid's marvelous transcriptions of Bill Evans' tunes for solo guitar have just raised the guitar to a new level. This is contemporary guitar at its harmonic best." - Joe Diorio

"...a fine and unsung player & I cannot praise this work too highly..." - Adrian Ingram, Just Jazz Guitar