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Modern Jazz Concepts for Guitar

Covers voice-leading melodic lines, symmetrical scales, triad pairs -- standard notation and tablature. Accompanying CD includes 48 demonstration tracks.

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The Changes, Guide Tones for Jazz Chords, Lines & Comping for Guitar

Downbeat says, "Rather than tackling improvisation with scales, arpeggios and modes, Jacobs begins the book by taking melody into consideration by illustrating how to build chord voicings and lines on the basic foundation of resolving 7ths to 3rds (and vice versa) in ii-V-I progressions."

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The Bill Evans Guitar Book
"Sid Jacobs has produced a volume of beautiful, meticulous arrangements of Bill Evans transcribed for the guitar. This formidable task which Sid has realized will enable guitarists to access Bill's rich harmonic imagination. Thanks for a wonderful contribution, Sid." - John Stowell

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Jazz Guitar Improvisation

Develop your jazz guitar soloing skills with this book developed by Sid for the Musicians Institute jazz guitar curriculum.

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Mel Bay's Complete Book of Jazz Guitar Lines and Phrases

This book facilitates access to the vocabulary of the contemporary jazz improvising guitarist. Features be-bop style phrases, chapters on fourths, inside-outside playing, pentatonic and symmetrical scales, slash chords, polychords, and "hip" lines and fingerings. In notation and tablature.

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Jazz Guitar Improvisation Video

Develop your jazz guitar soloing chops with this comprehensive video developed by Sid for the Musician's Institue jazz guitar curriculum. Topics covered include: three-octave diatonic scale patterns, triad pairs, common jazz phrases, guide tones, fourths, and more. Approx. 60 minutes.

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